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The Weekly Action

Fri, August 17, 2012

Don’t let your tongue break your back!


A few years ago, a very motivated colleague joined our management team. Whenever, we had a new project, he was the first to volunteer. We were all impressed by his courage and initiative. But soon enough, our admiration turned into frustration because he couldn’t deliver. He had a dozen of unfinished projects on his plate. He became the bottle neck for his team. My colleague bit off more than he could chew. He used to say “yes” to every project. He let his tongue broke his back.

Getting just halfway through a couple of projects might give you some experience. But you won’t get worthwhile results. It is like searching for water by digging a couple of shallow holes. You surely get tired, but you won’t get water. But with the same effort, if you commit to dig deep enough in one place, you will highly likely access groundwater.

If you to want to get something out of your life, you must commit to put something in it. And any commitment you make will be tested every day. To keep going, you need to remind yourself why you get started in the first place. There are no quick fix or magic pills for achievement. Only those who commit, make it. Let that person be you!





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