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Scholarship Awards

Friday, February 11th, 2011, 5-8pm

Last year, the Muslim Students Association collaborated with the Leadership for Success Institute to offer the Leadership for Success Program. This unique initiative offered twenty students leadership training from an Islamic perspective. At the end of the program, LSI offered five Scholarships (a total of $6000) for Leadership and Excellence to five winners among the participants. Read more


Be the first to smile


The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) had the most pleasant face on earth because a genuine smile is a powerful way of communicating and has a tremendous impact on people. Abdullah Bin Haarith (BAH) said: “I have never seen anyone who smiled more than Allah’s Messenger.” Here is the reward of smile:


A smile opens a channel of communication: When you smile, people will perceive you as friendly, approachable, and helpful, and will likely respond in kind by smiling back. In case of conflicts, a smile reduces tension, insecurities, and potential hostility. Put a big smile on your face even when you are talking over the phone, because it adds a positive tone to the conversation and produces positive results.


A smile creates a positive environment: How wonderful is it to work for an organization full of smiling people. To create this type of environment, you need to be the first to smile, because smiles are contagious. 


A smile is free: Best-selling author Dale Carnegie said about a smile: “It costs nothing, but creates much. It enriches those who receive, without impoverishing those who give. It happens in a flash, and the memory of it sometimes lasts forever.”


A smile brings you reward in this life and the next:

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Your smile in the face of your brother is charity…”


A smile is free. Yet some people find it very challenging to put a smile on their face. Some even believe that frowning is a sign of seriousness, authority and a sign of Taqwa. Put your smile to work, and be the first to smile. Use this cost-free tool of communication to improve your relationships with others, both at home and at work, and reap the rewards it can bring in this life and the next.

Call to action: Look in the mirror – smile for a moment and then make a frowning face. Which expression would you prefer to see more?
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